frequently asked questions

  1. Q. Do you have any Special Offers?
    A. Yes, we have a Special of the Month. Please call 760-855-8278 or e-mail us for the Special offer for each month.
  2. Q. May I have more photos of florals from your recent events e-mailed to me?
    A. Yes, just let us know what colors and flowers you are interested in, and we will e-mail more photos than are included in this website.
  3. Q. Do you provide centerpieces that "light up", incorporate fruits and vegetables or feature submerged flowers?
    A. Yes, we can design with those elements on request.
  4. Q. Do you have price quotes for silk floral bouquets or arrangements, or combination silk and fresh florals?
    A. Yes, we can quote you on either of the above with a specific request from you.
  5. Q. Do you handle Sympathy or Tribute Florals?
    A. Yes, we can provide you with those arrangements. Simply ask for photos and for price quotes.
  6. Q. Do you have Delivery Fees?
    A. Yes, simply request our list of delivery fees and we will e-mail that to you.