Future Bridal Show—Not to be Missed

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image28391346   Another Kiss the Bride bridal showcase will be held on Sunday, August 6, 2017 at Pala Casino from 11am – 4pm…..Yet again, a fabulous selection of top wedding vendors…including LARRY STECKLING, Florist – “Beautiful Blooms by Larry”—And yes, we will give away 2 gift certificates FASHION SHOW….

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Kiss the Bride, Bridal Showcase will be held Sunday, May 21, 2017 at the Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula. This bright, bold and beautiful show features everything you will need for your wedding. Quality vendors exhibiting will include photographers, videographers, cake bakers, Dj’s, Hair and Makeup Artists, Venues, Cake Bakers, Wedding Planners and Florists—-including LARRY STECKLING, FLORIST – “Beautiful Blooms by Larry”—we will be there with a stunning array of fresh floral creations destined for your wedding ceremony and reception. There will also be a fantastic FASHION SHOW for wedding gowns and amazing raffle prize giveaways, including Honeymoon packages…and LARRY STECKLING and company will have 2 gift certificates for a FREE BRIDAL BOUQUET as part of the prize portion of the DJ’s schedule for the day.
Hours from 11am – 4pm…..
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Special Boutique Bridal Show!

Del Mar Wedding Event, Sunday, October 13, 2013 @ Lomas Santa Fe Country Club, 1505 Lomas Santa Fe Dr., Solana Beach—11am – 4pm

A Boutique Bridal Show with 2 amazing Fashion Shows, the most talented vendors in the area featuring Venues, Cake Tasting, Floral Displays and Everything Wedding for your Most Unique Wedding Day!  $15 for 2 tickets…Use Code “A-99” on-line now Or–Call 1-877-522-7158 for more info….Complete Show Details @ www.DelMarWeddingEvent.com

Larry and his staff will be present at this wonderful show with a stunning display, a drawing for a $350 gift certificate from BBBL…..and more!

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Two Bridal Fairs of interest to future Brides

San Diego Wedding Event/ Marina Village Conference Center/ 1936 Quivira Way, San Diego, CA 92109—

Sunday, October 6, 2013—11am-4pm–

Over 70 of the area’s best wedding services and locations.

Flowers, Photographers, Makeup, Fashions, Jewelry, Cake Tasting and more!

Prizes every hour!

Fashion Shows twice during the day!

Admission $10 at the door Or Request One  Free Admission @ www.SanDiegoWeddingEvent.net




Temecula Wedding Event @ Promenade Mall—40820 Winchester Rd., Temecula, CA 92591

11am-4pm—Sunday, Oct. 13, 2013—

Everything Wedding for the perfect day….Two great Fashion Shows and prizes all day.  Choose a location, taste cakes, sample foods and candies, see the Photographers, meet the florists and videographers.  Musicians, Makeup, Jewelry and More! Plan your honeymoon and get the things you want for your wedding.  One Free Admission on-line and Register for the Grand Prize @ www.TemeculaValley Event.com


Beautiful Blooms by Larry and staff will be present at both events —with many examples of lovely wedding florals….A prize drawing for a $250 Gift Certificate for flowers from BBBL…..

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Forest Themed Weddings Using Succulents

By Larry Steckling

In this age of eco-friendly weddings, a new favorite theme for nature-loving bridal couples is the “forest wedding”. It is often a reflection of the bride and groom’s lifestyle, and in many ways it has been inspired by the twilight wedding from the “Twilight” movies.



This theme freely incorporates natural elements such as rocks, wood, bark, moss and fern curls. It also responds well to the use of Billy Balls (yellow crespedia), hypericum berries, seed pods, pine cones, faux butterflies, nests, mushrooms, faux eggs and feathers. These can all be combined to create a natural or a fantasy forest theme.

Blooms such as cymbidium orchids and green roses can become gorgeous focal points. And succulents, authentically natural, can also be worked seamlessly into the floral designs.

Coming from the Latin succose (“juice”), they are often called “fat” plants, referring to their water-storing capabilities. There are literally thousands of types of these sturdy plants. Echevarria is the most popular and can be used as a cut bloom or as a plant. There are seedum varieties available with roots. Then, there are the epiphytes, which are air and moisture plants that grow on other plants. There are also the old world African succulents such as “Hen and chicks” and the “jade plant.”


Then, we have the new world cactus type, of which the echevarria is one and the “string of pearls” is the other.

A spectacular bridal bouquet can be made with a variety of succulents on wire cloth-covered stems mixed in with orchids and roses. A wrist corsage can be made with twisted wire (with lamb’s ear backing for comfort), with succulent blooms and small orchid florets glued in.


A unique use of succulents coming from LeAnne Kessler of Floral Design Institute, is to use pink and green ones in their pots, placed inside a narrow metal container. Then, using Spanish moss to cover the soil, Kiwi vine is added on top for interest. Then, small epiphytes are tacked into the openings of the Kiwi vine for a fascinating reception centerpiece.

The forest theme can be further explored with a bridal bouquet that uses a brown wire collar to give a flat surface for designing. Added to this are green dianthus, green viburnum, brown hypericum berries, eucalyptus, green cymbidium orchids and fern curls all lashed together with bullion wire for that “fresh from the forest floor “ look.


Another gorgeous, but simple idea is to start with a cluster of three large white hydrangeas and slide down through the blooms, feathers, dianthus, berries, green roses, Billy Balls and rhododendrons.

Yet another forest idea from the creative mind of Ms. Kessler, is to fashion a little Flower Girl basket out of a rustic faux bird’s nest, adding a handle of barked wire. The beaded wire can decorate the outside, while the inside can have small amounts of dianthus, Johnny Jump-Ups, and sweet gum pods with one faux quail’s egg glued inside the nest.


With all of these fun and creative ideas, it is easy to see how you and your floral designer can come up with an awe-inspiring forest-themed wedding.


Keep Flower Mania blossoming in your heart and have a blooming great day!

The Magic and Romance of a Wine Country Wedding

by Larry Steckling 


Just the mention of a vineyard wedding, at a venue nestled in the heart of lush and lovely wine country, brings to mind dozens of romantic images. Whether it be in Temecula, Napa, Sonoma or elsewhere, it is so easy to envision spectacular sunset views, placid lakes, charming creeks and stunning mountain vistas….

The bride and groom toasting each other in a Tuscan-style courtyard surrounded by a circle of trees lit by hundreds of twinkling fairy lights…

The graceful wedding ceremony set in a tranquil lakeside idyll…

The bridal couple brought to and from the ceremony site in an elegant horse-drawn carriage…

All of these scenarios, and many more, spring to mind when a vineyard wedding is up for consideration. These venues almost always have stellar customer service. Your wish is their command, and they cannot do enough to please you.

Of course, this comes with a realistic price tag. But, when you consider that both the ceremony and reception can be held in the same venue (and arrangements can often be made to host the rehearsal dinner and /or a day-after-the-wedding-brunch at the same facility), the price proves to be loaded with extra value. In fact, wine country venues are excellent destination wedding sites.

Becoming a part of the vineyard setting is very important to your floral designer. Indeed, with such a beautiful setting, the florist’s imagination shifts into high artistic gear.

Wedding arch and french buckets

Some innovations that are ideal for the wine country wedding are the use of such colors as rich reds, deep pinks, champagne and blush in the florals, as a subtle complement to the wines.

The use of grapes, both artificial and real, along with Hypericum and Viburnum berries goes along with the rustic feel of the vineyard setting.

Unique looks for the mother’s flowers and the groom’s boutonniere, are the use of a small vintage evening bag for the mother, and a fabric rectangle slid into the vest jacket pocket for the groom. The addition of flowers and berries or seed pods inside the bag, and glued to the top of the rectangle make these ideas into vivid realities.

Since the ceremony areas are unusual, they don’t always lend themselves to wedding arches or columns. Often, we only have a gate, fence or wagon wheel with which to work. Pew clips with flowers and foliage attached can be clipped onto such props. Or the use of a tall Shepherd’s hook on each side of the altar area, with a floral decorated willow wreath hanging from the hook is sometimes the perfect idea.

If this kind of venue excites you and your groom, find the one that works for you. Invite your floral designer to meet with you at your selected site, and let your imaginations take flight!

Keep the Flower Mania blossoming in your heart and have a blooming good day!

Glamorous Vintage Weddings

by Larry Steckling 

Bridal bouquet--cascade

Some brides decide to bring back a bygone vintage era with their glamorous wedding. Some go with the 1920’s, 1930’s or 1950’s Hollywood glamour. Others are trying for a different vintage look, such as early 1900’s or the Victorian era.

Whatever the theme, there are specific props, containers and floral techniques that can bring out the theme more clearly.

For the 1920’s Hollywood theme there are rhinestones and white feather trim to be paired with lipstick red roses and black silk flowers. For the 1950’s Hollywood, hot pink roses, white calla lilies, red carnations and black velvet ribbon with diamond trim might do the trick. For the early 1900’s there are the Mason jars (clear or colored glass) that can be filled with a variety of flowers for that “Grandmother’s garden” look at the ceremony and reception. For the Victorian era, there is lace and family heirloom jewelry to dress up the bouquets. Antique candlesticks are also good for floral ceremony décor for a Victorian wedding.

Also, for the older style wedding, tussie-mussie bouquets (clusters of small blooms and berries) work well. For any of the Hollywood themes, the beaded wire in small or large beads in a variety of colors, often works as a bouquet handle accent.


Elegant, vintage effects can also be created by spraying foliage, such as seeded Eucalyptus or Lemon Leaf, silver or gold.

Floral necklaces can also be made with large beaded wire in triple strands. Orchid or succulent blooms can be glued along the wire, backed by galax leaves.

Another cute innovation that has a real vintage look is a heart-shaped Flower Girl purse made out of a cut-out, 2 sided heart with flowers coming out of the center at the top of the heart. One other heart-shaped idea is a hanging heart to be hung at the altar area. Using a heart-shaped form, gorgeous classic flowers, berries and rice flowers are attached.

Bringing together a number of these ideas based on a definite vintage theme can add that special touch to your wedding, to make it memorable for years to come.


(Written by Larry Steckling of Beautiful Blooms by Larry

@ www.beautifulbloomsbylarry.com ….with some ideas provided by Floral Design Institute.)

Keep the Flower Mania blossoming in your hearts and have a blooming good day!






“The Finishing Touch—Boutonnieres”

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-image-group-calla-lily-boutonnieres-used-wedding-image30070961The guests have all been seated for the wedding ceremony. The mothers of the groom and the bride are ushered to their seats. The groom and the minister take their place at the altar, The music changes to the processional and the assembled guests see the handsome groom in his tuxedo with a custom-made boutonniere in his lapel. The groom’s boutonniere generally is different from those that his groomsmen will wear. It often relates somewhat to the bridal bouquet.

There are literally dozens of different boutonniere looks ranging from a simple, single rose to a super elegant anthurium with its waxy, shiny, vibrant color. Most boutonnieres have some sort of foliage as the base, whether it is a hydrangea or a galax leaf, a sprig of ruscus or a bit of pitisporum.

boutonnieres or corsages for men 1

The flower is then attached to the front of the base. Often a few Hypericum berries or a wisp of baby’s breath, a “billy ball”(Crespedia) or a button mum is tucked in there as well.

Some boutonnieres have a more masculine base, such as a fiddle fern or an aluminum wire sculpted shape. A relatively new trend is an “all foliage” boutonniere with seeded Eucalyptus and a pod or a galax leaf and some silver brunia, or a similar combination. Yet another new look is the use of some small succulent bloom with a seed pod, sprig of Hypericum berry or Seeded Eucalyptus.

Whatever type is chosen, whether it is ribbon-wrapped or embellished with decorative wire or pearls, it should reflect the style and personality of the bridal couple.

(Submitted by Larry Steckling) Keep Flower Mania in your heart and have a blooming good day!

“Citrus Infused” Weddings

by Larry Steckling


During the heat of a California summer, when so many flowers are at the height of their beauty, but perhaps not at their strongest in the direct glare of the sun, the floral designer needs to direct the attention of his summer brides elsewhere, if possible,

He needs to tell them that, this is not the time of year to have hydrangeas in your bridal bouquet, or to have roses and peonies out of water for any more than an hour or so. Nor is it a particularly good time for white flowers of other types in bridal bouquets, as they tend to dehydrate quicker than brighter blooms. (Dendrobiums and Cymbidium Orchids are an exception.)

So, this leads us to Citrus colored flowers, as well as fresh citrus fruit, to give us that infusion of color and zest during the gorgeous summer months.

Flowers that work well at this time of year in hand-tied bouquets where there is no water source are Billy Balls (Yellow Crespedia), yellow, orange and pink roses, Scabiosa flowers and pods, orange pincushions, yellow, white, blush ,orange, green and brown orchids of all types, the vivid proteus and plumeria and the vibrant, waxy-faced Anthuriums, as well as the many hues of the sturdy mini-callas. Also available for use in these bouquets is a variety of succulents, seed pods, berries and tropical grasses.


Now, the above cautions can be circumvented in two ways, either through a creative use of water tubes or by forming the bouquet on a wet foam holder.

Also, at the reception, as long as the flowers are in a vase of water, or a wet foam-based container, almost anything is possible.


No matter what blooms are chosen, as long as the extremes of the weather are taken into consideration, and the floral designer can make the necessary accommodations, a brilliantly beautiful wedding is assured.

(Submitted by Larry Steckling, floral artist-craftsman) Keep Flower Mania in your heart and have a blooming good day!



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Using regular Calla Lillies, Stargazer Lillies with Colored Throats, Colored Stargazers, Casablanca Lillies, small amount or Roses or Dahlias, Tree Fern


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“ORCHIDS SUPREME” Package—$ 500 ($ 575—June-Sept.)

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Larry Steckling, floral artist-craftsman

Beautiful Blooms by Larry