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New Limited Time Offer Floral Packages for Weddings

New Limited Time Offer Floral Packages for Weddings….

Do you want to feature one specific flower such as an Orchid in your

wedding? You may want a few complimentary or filler blooms in the mix,

but you want your “special” flower to be the focal point.

The good news is: this can be surprisingly affordable, because we don’t have to buy all those other flowers that often find their way into a wedding for the sake of variety and visual interest.

But, somertimes you just want the impact of a specific flower.

So, now, Beautiful Blooms by Larry is rolling out, for the first time,

“Flower Specific Packages”……

Here are the first four we are unveiling, and look at the fantastic


“Budget -Friendly Roses”—$140SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

 Bridal Bouquet (round, hand-tied)

Groom’s Boutonniere

(3) Bridesmaid’s Bouquets

(3) Groomsmen’s Bouts.

Toss Bouquet

(2) Dad’s Bouts.

(2) Mom’s Corsages

Petals for Flower Girl

Small bout. for Ring-Bearer

(Using the following only: Roses, Baby’s Breath, Waxflower, Italian Ruscus.)


“Mum’s the Word”—-$155


The same list of ceremony florals as above,,,,

(Using the following only: Spider Mums, Billy Balls (Yellow Crespedia),Button Mums, Dianthus (Green Trick Carnation), Mini- Carnations, Leather Fern)


“Super Callas”—-$ 300 ($375–June-Sept.)

The general list of ceremony florals listed in the first package….

(Using the Following Only: Mini Callas in colors of your choice, small

amount of Roses or Dahlias, Baby’s Breath, Waxflower.)


“Blue Moon”—-$ 325 ($375–June-Sept.)

The general list of  ceremony florals ….

(Using the Following Only: Blue Hydrangeas, a small amount of White Hydrangea, Blue Hyacinth, Blue Anemone and Blue Iris.)

NOTE: Quotes available on request for All Pink—or Pink and White/ All Red—or Red and White/ All Purple–or Purple and Lavendar/ All Yellow or Yellow and Orange/ All Green–or Green and White/ All White–or White and Creams/Off-Whites.


ONLY UNTIL 06-30-13,,,,,,(Wedding may be anytime in 2013 or 2014,

but the contract must be signed and a monetary deposit must be made

on or before the above date.)

Contact us At Once to reserve your Specific Floral Package for your

Special Day!


Beautiful Blooms by Larry—-760-855-8278




The processional strains of “Pacobell Canon in D” have just begun, and the bride is waiting out of sight with her father or other close relative by her side. With moist eyes, she casts her gaze down on her bridal bouquet with which she fell instantly in love when the florist handed it to her. At this moment, she will savor visually its many beautiful touches.

So that future brides can make the perfect choice for their perfect bouquet, I am providing here a guide to the many types of bridal bouquets that can be created for her.

1- The Round, Hand-Tied Bouquet.Bridal bouquet--hand-tied

This has a European heritage, and is often used as a hostess gift in many countries. It has also been a perennial favorite of Martha Stewart. It is perhaps the simplest of all bouquets and yet, the exactness of its construction is perhaps its greatest point of beauty.

Starting with a clutch of a few blooms, the floral designer carefully places a variety of other complimentary blooms in a unique spiral fashion. Once the desired fullness and color combination has been formed, the florist actually ties off the blooms with a special wire that does not cut into the delicate stems. Some bouquets are tighter than others, and some are looser, with hanging foliage or berries at various points to give a more casual effect.

The stems are often wrapped in satin ribbon or a beautiful fabric that has meaning for the bride (often an heirloom handkerchief or bridal veil.) Often 1” of the stems are left exposed as a reverent nod to nature.

2. The Cascade Bouquet.Bridal bouquet--cascade

A very old style of bouquet that has had many “comeback” moments. Currently, it is enjoying a renewed popularity , but with some modern twists.

The traditional cascade from 1920 through 1930 was a complex arrangement of roses and foliage, held together by intricate wiring techniques to create the beautiful waterfall effect.

Now, we shorten the traditional cascade to balance out the total effect of bride, gown and bouquet.

We also can make it even smaller and provide a more delicate pointed effect, often called “the teardrop.”Bridal bouquet true teardrop

3. The Ball of Flowers.bridal bouquet--ball of roses

This is just what the name implies- a ball of, most often one type of flower, such as roses. It is also most often used in a monochromatic (one color) scheme. Using a wet foam ball as a base, perfect rose heads of the same size are inserted in concentric rings until the orb is fully covered. A PVC pipe handle is often covered in satin or cloth. Variations can include 2 or 3 different types of blooms inserted in a pattern, the smaller blooms used sparingly as an accent to the larger ones.


4. The Flat Beidemeier.

Another European innovation with deep roots in history, brought to new American life.

Using a new flat square piece foam holder, definite rows of 3 or 4 different types of blooms (heads or clusters) are inserted in the foam to create a unique layered effect. A marvelous variation is to glue a votive in the middle with a glued in artificial LED candle to enhance a romantic ceremony.

5. The dome.

Using a specially shaped foam bouquet holder as a base, the chosen flower heads and bits of foliage (pods, berries,etc.) are inserted to form a suble “domed” effect, as opposed to the perfectly round shape. It is a mark of the florist’s artistry how precisely the blooms are inserted to create the desired effect.

6. Free form.

This is the newest trend, though, it is perhaps the oldest, originating in the clutch of field flowers and foliage, that were gathered for brides centuries ago. This is not the spiral hand-tied, but, literally a clutch of a variety of flowers, foliage, berries, pods, and succulents to create that “just picked” look- as if the bride and her attendants just came back from frolicking in the meadow and field.

Of course, although the floral designer creates it with great skill and forethought, its simplicity is its greatest virtue. A variation on this is the “Tussie Mussie” – a smaller bouquet with very tiny blooms, berries and greenery to give a quaint Victorian effect.

Think over these various options and once you have looked at many images of these bouquets, you are ready to discuss with your floral designer which one will work best for you.

Keep the FlowerMania in your hearts blossoming and
have a blooming good day!

Larry Steckling, Floral Artist-Craftsman

Beautiful Blooms by Larry




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