“Citrus Infused” Weddings

by Larry Steckling


During the heat of a California summer, when so many flowers are at the height of their beauty, but perhaps not at their strongest in the direct glare of the sun, the floral designer needs to direct the attention of his summer brides elsewhere, if possible,

He needs to tell them that, this is not the time of year to have hydrangeas in your bridal bouquet, or to have roses and peonies out of water for any more than an hour or so. Nor is it a particularly good time for white flowers of other types in bridal bouquets, as they tend to dehydrate quicker than brighter blooms. (Dendrobiums and Cymbidium Orchids are an exception.)

So, this leads us to Citrus colored flowers, as well as fresh citrus fruit, to give us that infusion of color and zest during the gorgeous summer months.

Flowers that work well at this time of year in hand-tied bouquets where there is no water source are Billy Balls (Yellow Crespedia), yellow, orange and pink roses, Scabiosa flowers and pods, orange pincushions, yellow, white, blush ,orange, green and brown orchids of all types, the vivid proteus and plumeria and the vibrant, waxy-faced Anthuriums, as well as the many hues of the sturdy mini-callas. Also available for use in these bouquets is a variety of succulents, seed pods, berries and tropical grasses.


Now, the above cautions can be circumvented in two ways, either through a creative use of water tubes or by forming the bouquet on a wet foam holder.

Also, at the reception, as long as the flowers are in a vase of water, or a wet foam-based container, almost anything is possible.


No matter what blooms are chosen, as long as the extremes of the weather are taken into consideration, and the floral designer can make the necessary accommodations, a brilliantly beautiful wedding is assured.

(Submitted by Larry Steckling, floral artist-craftsman) Keep Flower Mania in your heart and have a blooming good day!