Forest Themed Weddings Using Succulents

By Larry Steckling

In this age of eco-friendly weddings, a new favorite theme for nature-loving bridal couples is the “forest wedding”. It is often a reflection of the bride and groom’s lifestyle, and in many ways it has been inspired by the twilight wedding from the “Twilight” movies.

This theme freely incorporates natural elements such as rocks, wood, bark, moss and fern curls. It also responds well to the use of Billy Balls (yellow crespedia), hypericum berries, seed pods, pine cones, faux butterflies, nests, mushrooms, faux eggs and feathers. These can all be combined to create a natural or a fantasy forest theme.

Blooms such as cymbidium orchids and green roses can become gorgeous focal points. And succulents, authentically natural, can also be worked seamlessly into the floral designs.

Coming from the Latin succose (“juice”), they are often called “fat” plants, referring to their water-storing capabilities. There are literally thousands of types of these sturdy plants. Echevarria is the most popular and can be used as a cut bloom or as a plant. There are seedum varieties available with roots. Then, there are the epiphytes, which are air and moisture plants that grow on other plants. There are also the old world African succulents such as “Hen and chicks” and the “jade plant.”

Then, we have the new world cactus type, of which the echevarria is one and the “string of pearls” is the other.

A spectacular bridal bouquet can be made with a variety of succulents on wire cloth-covered stems mixed in with orchids and roses. A wrist corsage can be made with twisted wire (with lamb’s ear backing for comfort), with succulent blooms and small orchid florets glued in.

A unique use of succulents coming from LeAnne Kessler of Floral Design Institute, is to use pink and green ones in their pots, placed inside a narrow metal container. Then, using Spanish moss to cover the soil, Kiwi vine is added on top for interest. Then, small epiphytes are tacked into the openings of the Kiwi vine for a fascinating reception centerpiece.

The forest theme can be further explored with a bridal bouquet that uses a brown wire collar to give a flat surface for designing. Added to this are green dianthus, green viburnum, brown hypericum berries, eucalyptus, green cymbidium orchids and fern curls all lashed together with bullion wire for that “fresh from the forest floor “ look.

Another gorgeous, but simple idea is to start with a cluster of three large white hydrangeas and slide down through the blooms, feathers, dianthus, berries, green roses, Billy Balls and rhododendrons.

Yet another forest idea from the creative mind of Ms. Kessler, is to fashion a little Flower Girl basket out of a rustic faux bird’s nest, adding a handle of barked wire. The beaded wire can decorate the outside, while the inside can have small amounts of dianthus, Johnny Jump-Ups, and sweet gum pods with one faux quail’s egg glued inside the nest.

With all of these fun and creative ideas, it is easy to see how you and your floral designer can come up with an awe-inspiring forest-themed wedding.


Keep Flower Mania blossoming in your heart and have a blooming great day!