Glamorous Vintage Weddings

by Larry Steckling 

Bridal bouquet--cascade

Some brides decide to bring back a bygone vintage era with their glamorous wedding. Some go with the 1920’s, 1930’s or 1950’s Hollywood glamour. Others are trying for a different vintage look, such as early 1900’s or the Victorian era.

Whatever the theme, there are specific props, containers and floral techniques that can bring out the theme more clearly.

For the 1920’s Hollywood theme there are rhinestones and white feather trim to be paired with lipstick red roses and black silk flowers. For the 1950’s Hollywood, hot pink roses, white calla lilies, red carnations and black velvet ribbon with diamond trim might do the trick. For the early 1900’s there are the Mason jars (clear or colored glass) that can be filled with a variety of flowers for that “Grandmother’s garden” look at the ceremony and reception. For the Victorian era, there is lace and family heirloom jewelry to dress up the bouquets. Antique candlesticks are also good for floral ceremony décor for a Victorian wedding.

Also, for the older style wedding, tussie-mussie bouquets (clusters of small blooms and berries) work well. For any of the Hollywood themes, the beaded wire in small or large beads in a variety of colors, often works as a bouquet handle accent.


Elegant, vintage effects can also be created by spraying foliage, such as seeded Eucalyptus or Lemon Leaf, silver or gold.

Floral necklaces can also be made with large beaded wire in triple strands. Orchid or succulent blooms can be glued along the wire, backed by galax leaves.

Another cute innovation that has a real vintage look is a heart-shaped Flower Girl purse made out of a cut-out, 2 sided heart with flowers coming out of the center at the top of the heart. One other heart-shaped idea is a hanging heart to be hung at the altar area. Using a heart-shaped form, gorgeous classic flowers, berries and rice flowers are attached.

Bringing together a number of these ideas based on a definite vintage theme can add that special touch to your wedding, to make it memorable for years to come.


(Written by Larry Steckling of Beautiful Blooms by Larry

@ ….with some ideas provided by Floral Design Institute.)

Keep the Flower Mania blossoming in your hearts and have a blooming good day!